01 /05 Our Shared Commitment

Build Effective Partnerships

We will work collaboratively to deliver a freight system that advances customer, industry and government interests, now and into the future

Together, we will:

  • Partner with key stakeholders to ensure the freight system consistently meets industry and customer needs
  • Drive and influence policies that impact Queensland’s freight system

Case study: Central Queensland Inland Port

The Central Queensland Inland Port, currently under development, will be designed for handling and, where necessary, transferring freight from one transport mode to another. It is the result of co-investment by council and state government and a collaborative approach to investment that provides great benefits for industry, agriculture and services.

It will mean safer and more efficient grain handling and transport, with 24 hour a day, seven-days-a-week link to the Port of Gladstone set to reduce costs and lead to increased exports.

Example actions that would contribute towards this shared commitment are shown below. Do you think they will help build effective partnerships?
Collaborate and partner with governments, industry and academia to address key freight issues and policy barriers
Support the development and implementation of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy
Educate and engage with stakeholders to promote the benefits of the freight system
02 /05 Our Shared Commitment

Unlock Economic Opportunity

We will optimise the use of existing freight infrastructure and target investment towards creating economic opportunities

Together, we will:

  • Maximise freight productivity through market-led and non-infrastructure solutions

Case study: $512M Market-led Logan Motorway Enhancement

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is working together with Transurban on the Logan Enhancement Project, Queensland’s first Market-Led Proposal (MLP), with construction underway on the Logan and Gateway Extension. The project will improve safety and reliability, reduce travel times and enhance connectivity to key residential and business areas.

Example actions that would contribute towards this shared commitment are shown below. Do you think they will help unlock economic opportunity?
Identify critical sections of the freight network and prioritise investment, considering modal preference and connectivity (including the Beef Roads Program)
Advance heavy vehicle road reform to improve the planning, investment, funding and charging of heavy vehicle related infrastructure
Prioritise funding and investment of key freight routes to realise improved services
Identify opportunities for joint investment between industry and government, aligned with government priorities
03 /05 Our Shared Commitment

Smarter Connectivity and Access

We will plan a freight system that provides Queensland businesses with smarter access to local, national and overseas markets

Together, we will:

  • Plan for future freight growth
  • Encourage the use of rail freight on key strategic corridors
  • Improve urban and regional freight supply chains

Case study: Wellcamp Airport

Wellcamp Airport services export markets with a weekly flight to Hong Kong, carrying mostly fruit and vegetable from the Darling Downs. Better road and rail linkages could mean that not only the Darling Downs but also mid-western NSW and northern Victoria could use Toowoomba instead of Sydney or Melbourne as an export point, establishing a major inland port.

The proposed hub, adjacent to the airport, could support an intermodal freight facility that supports air, rail, road and sea interconnectivity for the agricultural sector.

04 /05 Our Shared Commitment

A Resilient Freight System

We will support the adoption of sustainable freight practices and resilient infrastructure

Together, we will:

  • Ensure the freight industry is well-positioned to adapt to climate change
  • Support sustainable freight practices

Case study: Maintenance Dredging Strategy

In 2016 the Queensland Government released the Maintenance Dredging Strategy for Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area Ports, as a priority action of the Reef 2050 Plan. The focus is on protecting the reef, providing for the overarching management of maintenance dredging while ensuring the continued operating efficiency of our ports.

Example actions that would contribute towards this shared commitment are shown below. Do you think they will help support a resilient freight system?
Undertake long term planning supporting the sustainability of the freight system
Develop a state-wide Flood Resilience Action Plan and increase system resilience to the effects of climate change
Investigate options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport
05 /05 Our Shared Commitment

Safer Freight Movements

We will support safe freight movements across Queensland through technology and system planning

Together, we will:

  • Embrace technology and planning to help reduce crashes and casualties involving freight movements

Case study: Heavy Vehicles Safety Action Plan

Nothing is more important than the safety of the people who travel and work on the state’s vast multi-modal freight network.

Aimed at reducing the burden of road trauma on our communities, the Heavy Vehicle Safety Action Plan 2019–21 was developed in collaboration with government agencies, transport and logistics industries, and peak bodies. It identifies 36 heavy vehicle safety interventions for implementation over the next 2 years and aims to encourage technology, innovation, and awareness for all road users.

Example actions that would contribute towards this shared commitment are shown below. Do you think they will help support safe freight movements?
Through ongoing research and engagement, the Department of Transport and Main Roads and industry will maintain an awareness of trends, safe systems planning and technological advancements, constantly assessing their benefits for the state’s freight system
Develop and circulate health and well-being resources via platforms including social media, website, variable message signs and truckie toolbox talks